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Developing Pole Sports Coaching, Systems and Performance

Who we are

EPIC Training provides Pole Sports federations, national event organisers, athletes, judges and individuals with the highest level information and advice on IPSF Endorsed skills development, coaching and training courses. The only training provider in the world specifically designed to cater for the growing pole sports coaching and training market. 

EPIC Training's primary aim is to increase the demand, quality and availability of skills provision throughout Pole Sports and the world.

What we do

EPIC Training regulates and verifies training across the industry through an endorsement process by the International Pole Sports Federation and national awarding bodies, ensuring that training throughout Pole Sports are of the highest quality and meet the needs of judges, athletes, coaches and individuals.

 With a focus on professional development, EPIC Training aims to support individuals looking to begin a career through coaching and endorsed training, as well as those who have already made an initial breakthrough and are looking to take the next steps up the career ladder.

How we achieve it 

The IPSF Certificate provides a recognised stamp of quality coaching across pole sport across the world. 
The IPSF has raised the profile of pole sports coaching and judges training by establishing best practise coaching standards.  We now have an internationally recognised framework of qualifications for coach and judge education developed by EPIC Training and endorsed by the International Pole Sports federation (IPSF). 

The introduction of IPSF Certificate has shifted the culture of coaching in the pole sports world.  A balance has been created between the traditional pole ‘what to coach’ skills (mainly focussing on the technical aspects of pole) with greater emphasis on ‘how to coach’ skills (e.g. better two way communication, an understanding of different coaching and learning styles, continually reviewing, adapting and improving coaching sessions) leading to well planned effective coaching. 

EPIC Coaching Courses makes it easier to identify the right coach for the right job from recreational enjoyment of pole sports to winning performance at the Olympics (one day). 

The benefits EPIC can bring to you as a pole sports coach include:-

  • Effective, up to date ‘recreational and athlete-centred’ coaching skills.
  • A clearer pathway of opportunities for your personal and career development.
  • Access to best practice coaching standards and new coaching ideas developed across the world by top sports coaches.
  • A greater understanding of high-quality world class coaching.
  • Access to expert advice and support on all aspects of coaching.
  • The satisfaction of helping your participants to achieve their goals
  • Encouragement to be the best coach that you can be.

EPIC Training currently offers endorsed IPSF qualification at Levels 1, 2 and 3.